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Keys Management


You’ll need to have Macha EST installed and configured, and have an account created under your organisation’s Azure Portal. Please refer to the:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Account management

For more information.

Generating Keys

  • After signing into Macha EST for the first time, you will be navigated to the Keys Management page.

If you already have a key pair generated and saved, you will be navigated to the Home page instead.

Keys Page

  • To generate a new key pair, click on the Generate Keys button.

Generate Keys

  • The next step is to download the generated key pair. Click the Download Keys button to download the key pair. This is important as the private key is not stored by us for security reasons.

Download Keys

  • After downloading the key pair, click the Save Keys button to save the key pair to the application. This will allow you to use the key pair to encrypt and decrypt data.

Save Keys

  • You can view your keys, by naviagating to the keys page.

View Keys

NOTE: You cannot modify or delete the key pair once it has been saved.

Adding Keys

  • To add a key pair, click on the dashed box to select the key file or drag and drop the key file into the dashed box area.

Adding Keys

Clearing/Changing Keys

  • To clear the key pair, click on the Clear button. This will only clear the keys but not delete them from the application. Please ensure that you have a backup of the keys before clearing them.

Clearing keys is a High Risk Action, you will lose access to all case data encrypted with said keys.

Clearing Keys

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