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You’ll need to have Macha EST installed and configured, and have an account created under your organisation’s Azure Portal and finally your keys saved to your the Macha EST client on your machine. Please refer to the:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Account management
  3. Keys management

For more information.


Creating a Case

  • To create a case, click the Create Case button on the top right of cases table.

Home Page

  • Fill out the form and click the Create Case button to create a new case.

Create Case

Successful creation of a case will redirect you to the home page, where you can see your newly created case in the cases table.

Case Screen Case Screen

Editing a Case

  • To edit a case, click the Edit button on the case you want to edit.

Edit Case

Deleting a Case

  • To delete a case, click the Delete button on the case you want to delete.

Delete Case

High priority actions like deleting a case will require you to confirm your action before proceeding.

Delete Case Enter Case Number to confirm deletion

Deleting a case will also delete all the evidences associated with it.

Sharing and managing case access

Sharing a Case

  • To share a case, select the Share button on the desired case to open the Share Case dialog. Enter the email address of the intended recipient and, if the user is valid, choose the appropriate access level. Then, click the Share button to complete the process.

Share Case

Once a case is successfully shared, the avatar of the user will appear in the ShareTab of the case, along side your own.

Shared Case Share Tab highlighted in red and users with access to the case highlighted in green

Managing Case Access

Reviewing Case Access

  • To review all users with access to a case, click on the user avatars in the ShareTab of the case, i.e. the area highlighted in green in the image above. The will open the Share Access dialog, where you can review all users with access to the case.

Review Case Access

Revoking Case Access

  • To revoke a user’s access to a case, click on the Delete button next to the user’s avatar in the Share Access dialog. This will remove the user from the case.

Revoke Case Access

Expanding and Collasping the Case Description

  • To expand or collapse the case description, click on the More or Less button on the description you want to expand or collapse.

Expand Case Description

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